So, what’s Brewing?

Hey everyone! It’s Ethan from WordPlay Poetry. This is my new blog, spinning off from WordPlay–don’t worry I fully intend to keep WordPlay up and running.  I want this blog to become everything me that isn’t writing (well, I suppose I’ll provide updates about writing here as well, but that’s mainly what WordPlay will remain for).  Where WordPlay will still be the place where you can read all my poetry and fiction, The Brew will become the location for everything else I do–the movies I watch, the books I write, the things I draw, etc.  I find this new title very fitting as it applies to the concoction of interests that make me, well, me, and has roots in my creation, Mr. Brewding, who started all of these web shenanigans in the first place.

The main feature of this blog, will be the What’s Brewing? section, where I’ll discuss what I’m interested in doing at the moment.  Aside from this feature, I’ll also have any other links I find relevant to myself as an individual.

That’s all for now–the blog isn’t much at the moment, but I promise to make it more appealing soon!

Stop by at your own leisure and check out what I like to do during my spare time.




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