ReBrews: Uncanny X-Men #544, The Final Issue

The five-issue arc, “Schism,” left the X-men choosing sides as Wolverine and Cyclops finally decide to go separate ways.  Resulting from all of this (and perhaps Marvel trying to compete with DC, hmm?) we’re getting the final issue of Marvel’s longest running title; all this being said, we should expect, at the very least, nostalgia from this final book, right? Not exactly.

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Brewdings: Halloween Movie Marathon Coming Up

So this coming weekend is Halloween weekend (okay, Halloween is on a Monday, but oh well) and a few of my friends and I have decided to marathon some horror movies in the spirit of the holiday.  We haven’t pinned down any titles yet but we’ll probably strive for ones we haven’t seen, which means the above Rob Zombie Film “Halloween,” as good as it is, probably won’t make the list because I haven’t seen it.  I’ll update a list when we have one, but in the meantime I’m open to suggestions if you’d like to post any.  I’ll also be sure to post some reviews of the films we do watch.

The Brews: Blizzard hits WoW community at Blizzcon with new expansion, “Mists of Pandaria,” and Annual Pass package

I haven’t blogged here in a while (college can do that to you) but I’m trying to get back in the swing of things here and figured there was no better way than covering the news for the new WoW expansion.

I’ve played WoW since launch, though off and on, usually getting back on around the launch of the newest expansion.  I know with this newest announcement about the Mists of Pandaria other players like me, who usually come back for the latest expansion may not be doing so this time, but I will still be hopping on Blizzard’s latest ride in the WoW universe.  Here’s why:

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