What’s Brewing: Phantasy Star Online 2

For those of you who read my entry on TERA (I have a few readers, I know you’re out there!), you know I mentioned my nostalgia for a game called Phantasy Star Online quite a bit.  I heard mutterings of a sequel by Sonic Team being on its way, but I was under the impression it would be a Japan-only title–not wanting to get my hopes up for a game I’d probably never get to play, I shied away from much of the news about it.  Now, PSO2 may continue to be a Japan-only release, but this week I stumbled upon three bits of news that had me unexpectedly jumping out of my chair with pure joy.

The first bit of news, PSO2 at the moment is not a region exclusive title.  This means there is still only a Japanese version of the client, but anyone living outside of the country can still play the game.  That’s freakin’ sweet!  The game has yet to be translated into English (although I’ve heard there is some crowd-sourcing hard at work), but is still entirely playable here in the States.  Thankfully, I took three years of Japanese in high school.  I haven’t spoken or read it in nearly three years, so I’m extremely rusty, but it will definitely come in handy. I’m still, however, finding myself visiting The Phantasy Star Fan Blog and the PSO2 Blog for guides and general help, and whether you speak Japanese or not, they’re still quite valuable companions to your gameplay.

Bit of news number two, PSO2 is entirely free to play! That’s right, you’re not dreaming.  Previous Phantasy Star titles have required subscription fees for the online content, but PSO2 does not.  Language barrier or not, if you are at all interested in PSO2, the fact that it’s free to play makes it entirely worth checking out.

And number three, PSO2 launched this Wednesday in Japan (late Tuesday night here in the States).

There you have it, PSO2 is out, it’s free, and it’s entirely accessible for those of you who, like me, live outside of Japan. I’ve been out of town for the last three weeks and away from my gaming computer, so I haven’t been able to play, but I’m back now, and as soon as the client finishes updating I’ll be joining in the much anticipated fun.


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