What’s Brewing, The Secret World: a game I want to play but probably never will

The latest MMO endeavor by Funcom (Age of Conan), The Secret World is one of the newest mmorpgs to enter the market with a fresh, modern spin on the genre. Full of guns, chainsaws, urban legends, secret societies, and conspiracies, TSW is a game I’m reluctant to pass up (if only to see an mmo title play out in this gritty, modern world); unfortunately, I can’t justify paying for another monthly subscription…

With PSO2’s launch earlier this week in Japan (entirely free to play), Guild Wars 2 right around the corner (only requiring a client purchase), and Firefall (also entirely free) surely coming soon, I’m having a hard time justifying paying for TSW no matter how cool it looks. I’m still locked into my WoW annual pass, and I’ve quit my SWTOR and TERA subscriptions, throwing them by the wayside, regardless of how much I enjoyed playing them.  There’s simply too many titles and not enough time, making the titles that don’t require a sub-fee all the more appealing.  As a result, I’m fairly confident PSO2, GW2, and Firefall will be consuming most of my gaming time, and this means I need to look the other way when it comes to games like TSW.

Nevertheless, TSW looks like loads of fun, and if you have the cash, you should probably check it out.  And oh yeah, Funcom is doing a buddy-key for a limited time, so bring a friend along for the fun while you’re at it! You can read more about this promotional offer at TSW’s official site here


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