About Ethan Guberman

Two years ago I lost my mother in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Though I'm sure both an understatement and cliche, my life changed dramatically after this. My mom always wanted me to write a poem for her, but I always thought this was silly. I liked writing love poems to certain girls I had crushes on but that was the superficial depth of my poetry at the time. When my mom died, my life became more serious, and so did my poetry--I think you will find this event in my life affecting a lot of my work, but not all of it. I never got a chance to write a poem for my mom while she was alive--I took all of that for granted at the time, I think a lot of people do--but I'm still working on a truly great poem that serves as an Elegy to her. My poetry may seem dark or heavy, but that's not its only attention. I just want to remind people about their connections they can make with the rest of humanity (positive or negative), of the power they have inside as an individual, and the consequences we receive from our own actions. I'm a poet, producing my own poems online under the pseudonym Brewding, or, Mr. Brewding--I'm masked. I'm currently working on youtube spoken word performances as well, hoping to include some other facets of multimedia in the future. I'm currently interested in poetry, spoken word performance, comic books, movies, and some video games when I have the free time (usually WoW). My favorite author currently is Neil Gaiman and I think I've been inspired by every poet I've read, though the ones that stand out to me are T.S. Eliot, Walt Whitman, Charles Bukowski, and Billy Collins. I'm currently studying at the University of Texas at Austin.

What’s Brewing: The Perfect T.E.N. Podcast ep. 3

It’s been about a week since we started the show and it’s going pretty well! Episode 3 is up and you can take a listen to it here.

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ReBrew: Ted

It’s already been almost two weeks since I saw Ted in theaters so you’re going to have to ‘bear’ with me (see what I did there?) through this review as I try to recall some of the film’s finer, and maybe not so fine, moments.

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What’s Brewing: The Perfect T.E.N. Podcast!

I’ve started a podcast about video games, movies, books, and other topics in geekery and nerddom with friends over at KIR Reviews called The Perfect T.E.N. Podcast!

We aren’t on itunes yet, but you can listen to the first episode here!

Audio quality isn’t too great yet, but we’re working on fixing that.

ReBrew: The Amazing Spider-Man

When I saw the first Spider-Man film years ago, I think I was too young to truly view it with a critical eye. That all being said, I remember feeling like it lacked something and I was a bit disappointed, though I never really knew why.  The Spider-Man film franchise had been one I never really went back to–I’d watch each film once and then never again.  I didn’t particularly hate each movie, but I didn’t really love them either.  Spider-Man was my biggest hero during my childhood, and I’ve recently realized that it was the original film that got me to hang up the metaphorical web shooters and get over my favorite masked hero, as I’ve felt some indifference toward our friendly neighborhood Spider-man for the last ten or so years.  I’m happy to say The Amazing Spider-Man movie revived my fascination with my childhood hero and has me already wanting to see the film again.

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The Brews: 7 Free Days of Star Wars The Old Republic

If you’re at all like me, you’ve been swallowed up by the onslaught of mmo’s coming out in the last year and haven’t been able to justify paying for some of them. I’ve truly enjoyed playing SWTOR but couldn’t pay for it anymore.  Now, for the next 7 days I won’t have to, and neither will you. For more information, check out the official page here

The Brews: New ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Poster at Midnight Showing

While the poster shown above is pretty sweet, it’s not the new poster that you can get your hands on at the midnight premier for the film.  Participating IMAX theaters will be giving away the new poster for free to attendants at the midnight showing.  This new poster is awesome (and slightly terrifying), and can be viewed below.  ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ will be in theaters July 20, 2012.

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What’s Brewing: Phantasy Star Online 2

For those of you who read my entry on TERA (I have a few readers, I know you’re out there!), you know I mentioned my nostalgia for a game called Phantasy Star Online quite a bit.  I heard mutterings of a sequel by Sonic Team being on its way, but I was under the impression it would be a Japan-only title–not wanting to get my hopes up for a game I’d probably never get to play, I shied away from much of the news about it.  Now, PSO2 may continue to be a Japan-only release, but this week I stumbled upon three bits of news that had me unexpectedly jumping out of my chair with pure joy.
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