ReBrews: Wolverine and the X-Men #01

The Schism occurred, splitting the X-Men in half–some stayed in Utopia, an island off the coast of San Francisco with Cyclops, while others went back to Westchester, NY with Wolverine to re-open Xavier’s old school.  It’s an all new beginning in Marvel’s latest ongoing series Wolverine and the X-Men and if you want to find out if Wolverine and friends have what it takes you should keep reading.

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ReBrews: Uncanny X-Men #544, The Final Issue

The five-issue arc, “Schism,” left the X-men choosing sides as Wolverine and Cyclops finally decide to go separate ways.  Resulting from all of this (and perhaps Marvel trying to compete with DC, hmm?) we’re getting the final issue of Marvel’s longest running title; all this being said, we should expect, at the very least, nostalgia from this final book, right? Not exactly.

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