The Brews: E3 2012 Dead Space 3 Game Demo

This series has always been one that’s on my list of shame (games that I haven’t played but should).  I’m always curious to try games from the horror genre, but lack the constitution to get through them.  I tried playing Amnesia earlier today and it was rough.  Dead Space 3 definitely looks a bit less terrifying than the previous games and a bit more action-packed, which has me hoping that I’ll actually be able to get through it.  Drop-in/drop-out co-op seems promising as well.  And oh yeah, doesn’t it look like Dead Space 3 is doing Lost Planet just a bit better than Lost Planet 3?


What’s Brewing: Why I’m enjoying “TERA” and “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning”

Coming off my completion of normal mode on Diablo III, and it being summer and all, I’ve found a little bit of free time to play some other titles–none other than the latest mmorpg, TERA, and the mmo-trapped-in-a-single-player’s-body KoA:Reckoning.
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ReBrews: Diablo III

It’s been twelve years since Diablo II and the Lord of Terror is back with an all new vendetta.  Play a barbarian, demon hunter, wizard, monk, and/or witch doctor as a rich tale unfolds in Blizzard’s latest installment to one of their flagship titles!
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